Andy and I did something that was a long time coming: we bought a new car. Okay, it’s actually previously owned, but it’s new to us. And it’s snazzy. But more on that later. I just wanted to say a couple of words about the people…nay, freaks…who frequent the car selling profession. Perhaps they flock to car dealerships because they can’t do anything besides wear misshapen suits and make people feel guilty. Their chit-chat is abominable. They will do anything to get money out of you. Did I mention that they all dressed horribly? Car dealerships are where heinous ties go to die. And feel free to pair any old jacket/dirty polo shirt to any old pair of slacks. Oh and ladies: hike those breasts up to your chin! Make that money.
At the Hyundai lot, Andy and I made the mistake of being there for over an hour without an intent to buy. When we left the dealership I felt like we were leaving the car salesman to die; it looked like the manager(who was a BIT obvious in undressing me with his eyes) was going to take him out back and have him shot. Ah, I wish him well.

At the VW lot yesterday (where we ended up taking a car home), there were a cluster of salespeople standing around and joking who didn’t seem half bad. Maybe because we weren’t on the receiving end of their “our car is the best in the universe” bullshit. They came up and peeked into the stroller to look at Zain and offer the usual “He’s gorgeous!”. One girl was surprised at how small his feet were (she had exclaimed “I bet he has big feet!” a second before catching a glimpse of them…me=confused as hell) So apparently my kid has little feet. My sisters have commented on them as well. I’m confused….aren’t babies supposed to have little feet?

So we needed something bigger, safer, and reliable to lug our kid around in. The lucky car? A 2006 VW Passat. It’s cuuuuute. I’ve always loved the look of VW cars. And they’re comfy too.

Here are photos (even though Andy already posted them in his blog):

I love it.



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4 responses to “Wheels

  1. Bethany Morrow

    I think the point is that icky cars come from icky lots. Much like happy cows come from California.

  2. coollikeme


  3. meg

    i love it to. i can’t wait to sit in back seat and feel the ride.

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