Ode to 12 weeks

Feed, burp, change, repeat. That’s pretty much the last three months in a nutshell. In the midst of all that we had some thought provoking conversations (recent development) and staring contests (Zain usually wins…), outings to the park and to Fred Meyer/Target (who knew he’d tear through those diapers so fast?) and a couple of jaunts around the cul de sac, usually cut short by excessive heat. Cuz it’s either too hot or too dreary to enjoy having a small child strapped to your chest. I’m looking at you Vancouver. When Zain is taking a nap I’m either on my computer, watching a movie, doing laundry or cleaning bottles and breast pump parts. There is A LOT of laundry: one day Zain must’ve gone through 4 outfits, having pooped/peed through his diaper.

I feel like a mole sometimes, because it seems that Zain and I have been cut off from the world for the majority of these last several months. Having two cars could change things a bit, and of course living in a better neighborhood where I wouldn’t have to a) hike up a steep hill to get to the outside world and b) avoid anything past the hill since that’s apparently where trailer trash frequent. But even with all that, I think these last months were time well spent. My son and I bonded; we’re tight.

Here’s to what comes next (meep!)



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3 responses to “Ode to 12 weeks

  1. Bethany Morrow

    I’m scared to take Ezra anywhere off campus in Santa Cruz. People on campus will get the benefit of the doubt because as cliche and corny as many might be with the ecology student = no showering allowed, at least they’re intellectuals, right? Right??!

  2. Jen

    Ah, Santa Cruz. Where the crunchy are even crunchier.

  3. 2 weeks into “what’s next” and I think we’re surviving ok. 🙂

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