What I want, what I got

I want things.

Like this green jacket. And this orange jacket.

This shirt(either color):

and this skirt:

Here’s what I recently purchased…

This Serenity-inspired shirt: , a Serenity-inspired onesie for my Zephyr , these Venture bros shirts for Andy and I (the Monarch one is mine), and this killer polo shirt .

I’ve been in t-shirt mode lately, as you can see.

Good times.



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4 responses to “What I want, what I got

  1. Also check http://www.whatsbuzzing.wordpress.com for latest style updates and deals . 300 store fronts with weekly updates!!

    PS I bought the red J Crew jacket (Bella) last week.. The fit is awesome!!

  2. I like orange more than the green one, also there is nice pink available in bella jacket as well

  3. meg

    i love the green jacket. i could never wear it, i’d look like i had jaundice or something, but i would love to see it one you.

    Look under M, for Monarch. Err, look under T, for The Monarch!

  4. Bethany Morrow

    Let me not get into what I want. But the burnt orange jacket was loverly.

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