He speaks!

…not actual words, of course. But his little cooes and garbled noises are close enough. He’s a chatterbox whenever he’s awake although he took a break for a day and a half after he got his shots. After that heartbreaking affair he mostly screamed, cried and slept. Oh and ate. He’s always eating. We found out at his 2 month check-up that he is now 11 pounds! It’s so crazy how much he’s changed in such a short time. 2 months gone already, and less than a month to go before I head back to work. I’m sure I’ll be sobbing my heart out for the first couple of weeks.

He still looks a lot like my mom and Bethany, but sometimes I can see bits of Andy and myself in him. He’s got my mouth and my nose. The shape of Andy’s face. My hands. Andy’s feet. It’s so great how he laughs when I lightly stroke his cheeks and neck, and how he likes to stand on Andy’s legs and “Guh!” at him. He’s starting to have a real personality, I love it.

And here’s a (weird) quickie: I had a really disturbing dream last night where a guy used my breast pump to suck his brains out. Talk about nasty. Oh, and funny.


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4 responses to “He speaks!

  1. I dreamed Wolverine was smashing some guys skull…and then that my side was on fire. Turns out it was ZZ scratching me up with his feet! W00t fire feet!

  2. meg

    i can’t believe he’s 11 lbs. And look at his smiling face, he’s changing so much every time I see him. I’m going to have to start planning more trips up north if I’m going to be a good auntie.

  3. Bethany Morrow

    I had a dream that Dad had instructed Ana to (and she had) “mercifully” slaughter two toddlers because they “didn’t have happy families” like Ethan and Ez. She’d first spent the day with them…so they’d know what it was like to be loved before she did the deed. *stares*

    Zain got darker, faster than our boys….what’s your secret?…

  4. Jen

    Okay…that dream? SCARDICIOUS. Didja wake up in a cold sweat?
    And Z’a pigmentation is a trick of the light, it seems. Some days he’s darker than others. But no worries. I think it’ll stick one of these days 🙂

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