2 prizes with every bag!

Andy and I got more than halfway through a bag of Gardettos today when I noticed this: . That’s right, not one but TWO gum wrappers. TWO GUM WRAPPERS IN MY BAG OF TASTY SNACKS. I feel ill. And I have to wait ’til Monday to call and complain. And request a blank check sent to our address. KTHANX.

So disgusted.



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3 responses to “2 prizes with every bag!

  1. ’twas pretty darn nasty.

  2. meg

    we were just on a trip to california and i was cheep and didn’t spring for the Gardettos, i paid 50 cents less and got the chex mix….and now i am sooo glad i did!

  3. Jen

    Yeah. Chex mix it shall be from now on!

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