Netflix is my friend

There are a couple movies coming out that I want to see. I know I’m going to have to stick it out until they come out on DVD since Andy and I won’t be taking Zain to the theatre anytime soon and the only people we trust to leave him with live either in Eugene (which is two hours away) or in California. I didn’t get to go see movies that often when I was preggo either; the first and third trimesters were rocky, each for different reasons. I had morning sickness in the beginning, and fat ankles, an upset stomach and acid reflux in the end…all very uncomfortable and reason enough to get home and plant my ass on the couch whenever possible.

Halle hasn’t been making the best choices at picking which films she wants to showcase her “talents” in (Perfect Stranger??? Please…I’m not even going to waste my time), but I think this one will be pretty good. And Benicio’ll flip ya for real.

Cue soundbite of Halle in Monster’s Ball: “I want you to make me feel good…” Hahaha. I love re-enacting that scene: you gotta groan it out just right, make sure you sound like you’re taking a dump. And keep repeating it. You’ll be in tears, trust me.

This one has a couple of things going for it. Justin Theroux (LOVE) is directing, Billy Crudup is acting. Seen Waking the Dead? Do. DO. Both he and Jennifer Connelly are stunning in it. And it’s based on the novel of the same name by Scott Spencer who is really good at writing about love lost, pining, obsession, all that good stuff that makes you ache. It’s one of those movies that does justice to the book. Anyway, Mandy Moore is an interesting choice, but I like her and being on Scrubs never hurt anyone either. Except Tara Reid. I still think she’s pretty heinous.

My top three on my Netflix queue: Puccini for Beginners, The Devil Wears Prada, and the Pursuit of Happyness. I’ll let you know what I think.


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