Welcome to our world Zain!

Saturday was Zain’s welcome shower. It was great to spend the day (weekend, actually) with my family and friends eating good food, cracking jokes, playing MASH and Wii, and watching everyone fawn all over our little Zephyr. We feasted on barbecued ribs, chicken and fish and numerous salads (fruit, potato, green); all courtesy of my family and their talent in the kitchen (which I lack). Cupcakes came later, but alas, Zain had only my breastmilk to feast on.

Here are some pics shot before, during and after our little party.

The Clemons girls and our amazingly gorgeous sons.

Oldest to youngest.

Everyone thinks Andy looks just like his dad, but give him and his mom the same hairdo and you can see the resemblance.

Dad in the kitchen. His ribs were a huge hit.

My brother Carlton and my son…probably the most adorable picture ever. My brother will be a dad in 5 months; I’m betting it’s a girl.

Auntie Annie and Anastasia, I had to retake this shot a couple of times because Ana loves to a)close her eyes b)smirk/open mouth/gawk and c)give only a profile shot of her face. We both try too hard to take a good photo.

Posing like we’re at the prom: Toby, Jessica, Andy, me, Z, Meg and Andy

On 23rd with my family after eating gelato.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to…

We have fun.



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5 responses to “Welcome to our world Zain!

  1. Good times. Very good times. I wonder when the next time we’ll have that many people together is?

  2. meg

    i love all these, i even stole some to post on my unfinished Clemon’s visit blog…

    …when will the next party be?

  3. Jen

    No idea! Hopefully sometime in the near future…

  4. Anastasia

    Jen, you’ve got a real gift for documenting things. Really fun to read. I have to say, the Clemons girls kick ass at kids, creative writing, and LOOKING GOOD!!!haha

  5. Jen

    Why thank you Anastasier 🙂

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