A confession

I can’t stop calling the advice nurse at my son’s pediatrician’s office. It’s getting out of control. I have to stop, I know I have to STOP. This worrying won’t go away if I keep picking up the phone. Or googling things like “co-sleeping+crush baby”.

I’m a worry wart. I’m more than a little obsessive. I tend to think of worst case scenarios. Not a good combination. Especially not a good one when you’re a parent. Supposedly, by the second kid I’ll be one relaxed girl. Until then, deep breathing (and maybe a swift kick to the head) is in order.



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4 responses to “A confession

  1. meg

    i think admitting it is the first step to recovery or something like that.

  2. meg

    p.s. i’d almost be more concerned if you didn’t care so much, or at all like some mothers out there.

  3. Jen

    Thanks for making me feel a little less crazy 🙂

  4. ana

    co-sleeping is only bad if you’ve been drinking. otherwise, the risk is almost zero.

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