Hair drama

I just found out that I have to find myself another stylist. The woman that’s been cutting my hair, Sharon, has decided to up and move back to Oklahoma. Her daughter lives there but her husband doesn’t (oooh…gossip); every time I saw her she was always talking wistfully about wanting to see her grandsons more and how her daughter couldn’t survive without her. So…good for her I guess. Not so good for me. It’s not even as if I was always pleased with the job she did on my hair: I once had to go back in and have her redo it because she rushed through it and didn’t properly wash out all the product I had in before adding another…the result was crunchy, clumped together locks. And she had ran her fingers through it, felt it and sent me out the door (I didn’t touch it ’til I was halfway home). I was pissed.
The only reason that I didn’t find another stylist was that it is insanely hard to find a stylist in this town that does black hair. Word of mouth seems to be the ticket. That means I have to run down any black women I see around town that has the look I want(which should be simple, what with the booming black population in Portland /sarcasm) and ask them who they see, or try to simply google my needs. So either way has me knee, no…NECK high in a hay stack trying to find one (ONE!) damn needle.

to be continued…


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One response to “Hair drama

  1. meg [Visitor]

    this so sucks. sorry i can’t help.
    although, last night i went to the mall (ya i know but I had to) with Jessa and this man came up to us and says, “escooz me miss, is yow hair a natural curl?” he had some crazy swedish or russian accent. I said, “ya” then he proceeded to follow after us, asking me if I “vant to have nice straight har” or “I can do you straight har, you want” ?? And things, apparently, my beautiful curly hair was only of interest to him because he SELLS HAIR STRAIGHTENERS AT THE MALL!
    Ya. thanks. So you don’t like my hair?

    Anyways. Just so you know, there’s always the fake sounding accent guy from the mall…

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