When I saw the preview for the absolutely vile Fantastic Four sequel shivers ran down my spine, and not just because they made a sequel to a movie that pretty much reeked. I mean, check out Jessica Alba in her get up. Is she a stepford wife? A mannequin? This isn’t for real is it guys?

Right. This is what happens when the pursuit of whiteness takes precedence over…gee, I don’t know…looking like a normal flesh and blood person.



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8 responses to “Quickie

  1. Bethany Morrow [Visitor]

    This is why actors should be required to have at least a high school diploma (no ged’s, Paris) and perhaps an AP diploma, at that. At least. My point is this: I just wanna know how hard it was to get that one over on a hispanic actress. What was the characterization they sold her on? The explanation for blond hair and blue contacts…did she miss the mark that badly in the first movie that – instead of reworking the script – they thought an aesthetic overhaul would win over the crowd?? What’s really sad is just how quickly that rationale will wear off once the real world and its response hits her. Here’s to knocking the wind out of her.

  2. jen [Member]

    You know it wasn’t that hard. I’ve read a couple of her interviews where she said that she didn’t want to be “pigeonholed” by only playing hispanic parts(I’m pretty sure Jennifer Lopez has said that too)…which basically means that she wanted to be able to play white women as well. Classy. Nevermind the fact that black actresses can’t slap on some bleach cream and do the same (not that they’d want to).

    I guess since hiring her was such a big deal (with the obsessive fans, that is) they went overboard; they really want it to be obvious this time around that Susan Storm is indeed a white woman.

  3. Bethany Morrow [Visitor]

    And MAN was I seizuring all over the place at a blind, hot Keri Washington (that Is her name, right?) hanging all over a ungodly stone thing played by the scrotum-headed guy from The Shield???

  4. jen [Member]

    It’s Kerry. And you’re hella dumb. 😛 You know how blind girls see everyone’s inner beauty.

  5. meg [Visitor]

    i know right?!? why is there a sequel to this movie? I thought the first one bombed. what gives?

  6. jen [Member]

    Yeah, I have no clue. All I know is that they green light this trash when I’m sure there are plenty good scripts gathering dust on a shelf somewhere.

  7. jen [Member]

    I love how you can’t respond to anyone’s particular comment on here…

  8. meg [Visitor]

    so this means, next time we come up to WA we’ll all be going to see Fantastic 4?

    and why do i have to enter a code to post a comment? have you been having a ton of randomly generated comments appearing or something?

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