Because I just might lose it

I remember thinking about the attention I would get for being pregnant and looking forward to it. Oh, people would fall all over my belly and declare me a goddess! Now I’m to the point where I just want to get IT OVER WITH. This pregnancy is dragging on forever. I have a coworker who labels herself a “walking uterus” because she says her pregnancy is the only thing anyone ever wants to talk about (and she isn’t even showing yet) and I pretty much feel that way as well. Some days it’s nice and I smile and nod, some days I just don’t want to talk. It’s mostly when it’s random strangers, like when I’m in line to order food and I want to eat and questions like “Will the baby like those salty chips you’re getting?” make me want to kill someone. And to answer her question: Indubitably, lady. Indubitably.

And now every time I get annoyed someone will say something snarky like “Gee, are you pregnant?” Nah, you’re just being really irritating! Take the shame!

I wanted to spend some time on Hot Fuzz and how genius it was, especially since I wasn’t expecting much. But I loved it. It was one of the best movie experiences that I’ve had in…well, a long time. Andy and I laughed throughout the entire movie. And yes, Shaun of the Dead is on my Netflix queue thankyouverymuch. But what’s not to love? Knocking out old people, witty one liners (hearing Simon Pegg quote Martin Lawrence’s line “Shit just got real” from Bad Boys 2 almost made me piss myself) and of course, the gore. The gore. It was so over the top and unexpected. It was off the fucking chain!!! (hee)

Can I compare the brilliance of Hot Fuzz to the dull sparkle of Spiderman 3? Sure. Except there really aren’t any words, that’s how badly Spiderman sucked. Can I describe my glee when Andy actually yelled at the screen “Oh come on!”? It was “wicked cool” as a kid actually said in the movie to describe Spiderman. Wicked cool? This schlocky cheesefest (oh wait, I did have the words!) gets downright unreal: there is a scene where Peter is in a jazz club (where MJ works as a singer/waitress), he’s wearing the alien suit and he can suddenly play the piano and dance like some smooth (albeit creepy)Lothario. He also starts talking like he’s a reject from the Chicago musical…I could’ve sworn he was saying words like “And now, let’s bring it home…” Watch Anchorman and he was pretty much doing the same thing as Will Ferrell, except SERIOUSLY. I googled it to see if I could find any verbatim lines and someone made the same comparison!!! He even does some scary Saturday Night Fever moves in front of a clothing store (he just had to go buy a new suit to go with that new attitude!) in BROAD DAYLIGHT.

Moral of the story: Hot Fuzz good. Spiderman 3 bad.



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2 responses to “Because I just might lose it

  1. meg [Visitor]

    hot fuzz – beyond words good
    spiderman 3 – at least we finally saw the suit, and venom.

  2. jen [Member]

    The special effects were great (i.e. Venom looked really venomous) but even that couldn’t distract me from the utter lameness of it all.

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