Gael, Gael, the angels did say…

Dot the I is a film within a film within a film starring Gael Garcia Bernal, Natalia Verbeke, and James D’Arcy. The plot seems simple at first: a woman torn between two men. Ah, the bizarre love triangle, whatever is a girl to do? One man is the obsequious gentle lover that she is set to marry. The other is a man who inspires passion – Gael, duh. The story gently weaves its way to the inevitable: girl must make a choice, she’s got to. You can’t have two fat slices of cake and eat them both, that just seems plain gluttonous. Okay, easy enough.

Once you think you know who’s playing who, though, the tables turn. And watching these tables turning might seem like good fun at first, because who doesn’t like a bit of the mind fuck now and again… but in the tedious end it was simply exhausting. It seems like the film never ends, you think it’s over and suddenly there’s a hidden twist to be revealed. Everyone’s got a Plan B. Everyone’s got a hidden agenda. Nothing and no one are what they seem to be.

And you can’t concentrate on the intricacies of the plot for the blatant manner in which the film seems to be patting itself on the back. Look at me, I’m so avant-garde! I can imagine the filmmaker laughing as he imagines the viewers thinking they were headed down one path until they reached YET ANOTHER fork in the road. The Usual Suspects it is not.

Quick note: Gael, darling, you’ve got a spot on English accent. And you’re gorgeous. But I’m sorry, no amount of quotes from Swimming with Sharks (awesome movie that it is!)is going to make this film watchable. And D’Arcy did manage to impress in a couple of scenes, he’s got a mix of elegance and slimy bravado that works for him.

And now: Movies I want to see…

The Last King of Scotland, The Illusionist, The Prestige, Babel, Half Nelson, Sweet Land, Haven…that’s all I can think of so far.

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  1. Dania [Visitor]

    How about “Pan’s Labyrinth”

    There is a fantastic sounding film, and last I heard it was 100 per cent on rotton tomatoes tomatometer with 15 reviews already:)

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