Jesus Name!

Only in Hollywood would this woman:
be seriously considered to portray this woman:

Jessica Alba playing Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman causes an uproar, yet this…THIS…goes without question??

This is a role based on fact…on a flesh and blood person of color, not some comic book/fictional character. People like to claim that a lot of Denzel’s roles were written as white characters, but they were all fictional. After he stepped off the set, everything else evaporated into thin air. Those characters ended and began with “Roll” and “Cut”. And I don’t see black actors (actors of color, really) getting cast in biopics about white people. What’s that? Did someone say (oh shit, that’s an actual website!!!)

Ultimately it’s all about Marianne Pearl’s “extreme pleasure” in having Angelina portray her. *mind is boggled* Whatever.

I hope they get a big elephant to be in every scene of the movie and just stand there…everyone will go about their daily business and even sit on the damn thing, maybe they’ll think it’s a couch??? The elephant is going to be portrayed by Tai, best known for his work in Operation Dumbo Drop.

Up next: Angela Bassett as Jackie O.


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