Never Die!

Okay so just got back from the Tiger Army show. Andy and I danced, we laughed (at idiots trying to start drama, and some fool slippin’ on his own spilt beer), we cheered.
And it was good. It was all good. This was my second Tiger Army show and I fuggin’ loved it. I could seriously see those guys again and again.

So many tats, so many loafers, so many mohawks. So many, many greasers.

The first opening band (called black rose something about blackness and shit like that) rocked my socks off … On opposite day.

They’d start each song with this faux slow song strumming bit and then they’d crash into this repetitive head banging shit that was. not. cool. The lead singer had pink hair and a purple and black striped long sleeve shirt under a black vest. It was the most. But I admire his persistence to try to be cooler than he actually is.

The second opening act was a group called The Briggs. They were pretty good. They have this whole pirate thing going on but the lead singer dresses like that Pete Doherty guy. And NOT ONE GUY had a wooden leg…?

I’m gonna start a group called Dragon’s breath and my pet dragon is going to perch on my shoulder throughout the entire act. Then, at the end, I’ll dedicate a song to him. His name will be Smokey.

Andy debuted his man bag tonight. It rocks. We both got these really cool bags from this army surplus store called Andy & Bax…and I got 2 pairs of jeans from the Levi’s store downtown for only 38 bucks…nothing’s gonna bring me down for like…a couple days. Really good purchases can do that to a girl.


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