For true boo?

Did there need to be a bogus journey? Wasn’t one excellent adventure enough? Andy and I were flipping through channels last night and came across that horrendous flick that shall not be named and almost gouged our eyes out. Oh, wait…that was just me. Yeah, yeah…in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Socrates is mackin’ on chicks, Napoleon is hanging out at “water-lube” (Oh God, the pain!), Beethevon can hear…yeah yeah. It still rocked. That…bogus thing? REEKS.

I tried it. I couldn’t fight it. I just want to get back to meeeeee…oh baby!

Back into the man I used to be! *rocks out eyes closed, fist clenched, biting lip*


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2 responses to “For true boo?

  1. Dang, this is hecksa old. And still rings true.

  2. Jen

    Wow. Totally forgot about this post.

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