Where are we…what the hell???

Is going on….it’s March and it’s been snowing here (albeit lightly). Or sleeting. Whatever technical terms you want to use, it’s not springtime weather. Jack, where’d the sun go? It’s late and I’m bored. Let’s keep this whole stream of consciousness thing going, shall we? I’m reading Fast Food Nation (yes it took me forever to jump on that train) and my gag reflex has been tested many times over. It’s like when I was working in that Infectious Disease/OBGYN office in L.A. and I was finding out about illnesses that I didn’t even want to know existed. Can’t wait to see Beth, Josh and the boys next month! It feels like forever since I’ve seen everyone. We’re all moving so far away from each other…now Andy and I might be moving to the other side of the country…so there’s that. It’s all an adventure.

Good times. Good times.


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