I’m feeling slightly nauseous right now. I hope I’m not getting a cold or anything. Damn rain.
I had written a blog a couple of days ago but I accidently pressed the back button and lost it and then I just thought…fuck it…didn’t really want to write it again. It was basically about my trip home, a little “meatier” than the last post I made. I try to keep things light on here because it’s weird to type something personal and send it out into cyberspace.

So… I was happy to see my Dad and my brother last weekend even though it was under crappy circumstances. It felt good to go to the funeral though. Papadoc meant a lot to me, and so much to my family. I was glad to be there for my sisters since they couldn’t go. I felt bad for not keeping in better touch with Pops, but I will make it a point to keep in touch with Auntie Annie even with so much space between us. It’s easy to drift off when you’re so far away from people. I would always feel a little out of my element when I would come home to visit from college, life went on without me of course, my brothers grew up and my sisters got closer and I did my own thing and I’m proud of doing that….but I always felt a little melancholy for the things I missed. That’s life I guess. 🙂

I really dread the holidays this year though, since Andy and I can’t afford to go home. These next two months I’ll be leaning on him a little more than usual…I’m so thankful for him. He takes care of me so well. 🙂

Oh and it’s his birthday on Monday!!!!!!!!!He’ll be 27!!!! If anyone reads this, send him a happy birthday note and junk and stuff.


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