Monday Monday Monday

So I just saw the latest (I’m assuming it’s the latest seeing as I try to avoid watching MTV as much as I possibly can) Hilary Duff video and it scared the bejesus out of me. Okay, I should say I saw only saw part of it because most of the time I was shaking my head profusely and then I changed the channel, all the while chanting “Are you serious?”

First of all, the girl can’t sing for shit. Secondly, her chompers looked really…weird, for lack of a better word. They were bulging out of her mouth. It looked like she was wearing dentures or something. She’s twelve…aren’t veneers kind of pushing it …? Her mannerisms, her tilt of the head as if to say “I’m really rockin’ now”…go away. Please. Her acting skills horrify and astound me, all at the same time! She and Lindsay Lohan are evil and must be destroyed.

Now onto to good music: Tegan and Sara. When I said good I meant fucking brilliant. Andy found them through Matt Sharp’s website…Matt Sharp used to be in Weezer and had his own band, The Rentals. He’s a big fan apparently. So yeah, they’re Canadian twin sisters that make me wanna puke, they’re so good. Their latest album, So Jealous, has been playing non-stop in my house and car for a couple of weeks now. The only reason I’m not playing them now is because I don’t want to get stupid. I have too many of their songs stuck in my head.
So the moral of the story is that they’re very impressive.

I try to spread the love as much as I can.


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